At CDE International we cover a wide variety of fields and the projects that we can handle range from simple one-page business correspondence to complex, interlinked documents and presentations.

Our commitment is to give our clients a professional language translation service that is the best in class, treating our deadlines as obligations – not as guidelines!
Our expertise lies in the following fields:


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English ~ Russian Services

Document translation requires in-depth knowledge of the language and social/cultural etiquette of the people of whom the language belongs to, with a clear understanding of the given concept. With tens of millions of words translated we can offer a high-quality and reliable service. The deployment of CAT tools helps to ensure the best consistency in terminology and adherence to corporate languages. The process that we adopt ensures that all your documents are translated accurately and on time.

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Technical Translations

Here at CDE International we have many years of experince in translating technical documents ranging from simple one-page business correspondence to complex, interlinked documents and files.
In particular, we specialise in:
engineering specifications, contracts, catalogues, installation and operating manuals, safety manuals, marketing and advertising materials, financial documents, multimedia audio and visual, training materials, and clinical trials.

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Subtitling is a convenient and cost-efficient way of dealing with the necessity to relay visual materials (such as motion pictures, corporate videos or documentaries) in foreign languages. On the part of translator this is a special skill which requires the ability to convey complex ideas and concepts using a minimal amount of words as the audience will usually have no more than two seconds to read one line of text. CDE International has been involved in subtitling projects in many areas for a number of years. Most recently we have been working on creating Russian subtitles for a series of operas produced by one of the famous international opera houses.

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Software translation, or 'localisation', implies more than just the mere translation of the product’s user interface. Companies require that their software is adapted to the culture of the target country, so that they can reach a larger audience. And when it comes to considering the Internet, here at CDE International we know that a website is more than just a page in the vast expanse of the Internet. It is the second face of your company. If you need to reach out to a world-wide audience, then you need to address this audience in their own language. You can rest assured that we will provide you with the highest possible service and preserve your website in the way it deserves.

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Consecutive Interpreting involves the speaker talking for a short period of time and the interpreter then translating this into the required foreign language, allowing the speech to flow more fluently. This type of interpreting service is ideally suited for business meetings and negotiations where details are paramount. CDE International has extensive experience in providing high-quality interpreting services for a large variety of clients ranging from small companies seeking new clientele in Britain to major enterprises negotiating difficult deals with their Russian or Western partners. We also provide court and conference (simultaneous) interpreting.

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Voiceovers are a very specialised area of language services which require not only fluency in both the source and target languages, but also artistic skills such as a higly articulated voice, ability to deliver coherent and properly modulated speech and a talent to adapt your voice to the given circumstances. The founder of the company has all of these as he received a formal drama school training and had an interesting, albeit short, acting career and further developed these necessary qualities through many years of practical application. Give us a try if you need to voice your corporate video, computer game, documentary or even an artistic production.

About CDE International

CDE International officially opened in 2007.
The founder, Denis Chesnokov, was born in Russia, in a small town near Moscow to a family of research scientists. He grew up in Moscow and followed in his parents’ footsteps when he joined the Chemical faculty of Moscow State University (the famous "MGU") at the age of 16.
He moved to the UK straight after obtaining his Master’s Degree in 1993. He commenced his career in the translation industry in the same year progressing from a Project Co-ordinator to the Head of UK Production in an American translation company, and then to a Localisation Project Manager for Xerox UK Ltd.
In 2001 he became a Member of the world-renowned Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI). Consequently, he obtained his DipTrans and DPSI qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) and also became a full member of that organisation.
Не founded CDE International in 2007, and currently the company offers high-quality technical, scientific and legal translations from English into Russian and vice versa. Some work performed by CDE International demands a high level of confidentiality due to its legal, commercial or personal nature. The company guarantees its clients that their secrets remain secret. The company has signed confidentiality agreements with the majority of its customers and often carries out necessary data transfers via secure or encrypted FTP sites rather than via e-mail to ensure that the data does not end up in the wrong hands.
Furthermore, usage of the latest CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools allows us to maintain the highest possible level of consistency and the final product will not only look like the original, but more importantly exactly follow the principles and technical specifics of the source text adapted to the target audience.

Aside from running the company, translating and interpreting, Denis enjoys roller skating, playing tennis, swimming and travelling. His latest passion is sailing and currently he holds an RYA Coastal Skipper Certificate.

Photo of Denis Chesnokov

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